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GPS Bullets Legal For Cops In Hot Pursuit?

OTOH, the Jedi homing beacon tracking device allows Obiwan to follow Fett through both hyperspace and heavy asteroid fields. (SF in the News)

MorpHex MKII The Unreconstructed Hexapod

'Its lines wavered, flowed, and then painfully reformed.'- Philip K. Dick, 1957. (SF in the News)

Spaser-Based Circuits Could Be Printed On Clothing

'Alex rolled his wrist over to check the watch imprinted on his sleeve.'- Niven and Barnes, 1981. (SF in the News)

Amazing Video Shows Chameleon-Like Crystal Display

'Across the vast impersonal face of metal... a ribbon of fluid letters appeared...'- Philip K. Dick, 1960. (SF in the News)

Will Autonomous Systems' Self-Preservation Lead To Dangerous Behavior?

'This, the new types. The new varieties of claws. We're completely at their mercy, aren't we?'- Philip K. Dick, 1953 (SF in the News)

Ooho Water Bulb (Or Blob) Replaces Horrific Plastic Bottles

'I held up my bulb of water ... visibly there was water missing.'- Pohl and Kornbluth, 1952. (SF in the News)

SRI International's Speedy, Ant-Sized Microrobot Swarm

'As if swarms of tiny animals were busily scurrying about...'- Stanislaw Lem, 1954. (SF in the News)

SF Authors Have Wearable Computing Ideas

The device would need to convey essential information, to the wearer and perhaps to those around him. (SF in the News)

Bookies Let You Place Your Bets On the Future!

I'll bet you feel strongly enough about at least one of these bets to want to put your money down. (SF in the News)

How Do Americans See The Future Of Technology?

What is most likely to happen in the future? Do you want to participate in the future? (SF in the News)

Updated: Flying Graffiti Drone Will Alter The Urban Landscape

The tagger's dream - lie in bed while painting at a remote location. (SF in the News)

Should Autonomous Cars Have Feelings About Crashes?

'Robots have worse problems than anybody.'- Philip K. Dick, 1952. (SF in the News)

M-Block Modular Robots Assemble Themselves

'... as though a child should build from nursery blocks a fantastic shape which abruptly is filled with throbbing life.'- Abraham Merritt, 1920. (SF in the News)

Augmented Reality Ship's Bridge From Rolls Royce

'... the immense, three-dimensional, minutely cubed model...'- 'Doc Smith, 1934. (SF in the News)

Artificial Blood From Factories

This blood's for you. (SF in the News)

Wrigley's Anti-Impotence Chewing Gum

'Chew one of these, Mr. Chip.'- Philip K. Dick, 1969. (SF in the News)

Arcology Now Universal Constructor

'... the hotel direly wanted to exist.'- Bruce Sterling, 1998. (SF in the News)

MisTable Fog Display Like SeaQuest DSV

Captain Bridger, a message is coming in. (SF in the News)

Full-Size Invisibility Cloak Now Possible

'I donned it and drew its hood, and threw on its current.'- Ray Cummings, 1930. (SF in the News)

Bioengineered Muscle Grows In Mice

'Joeboys... shoulders bulging with grafted muscle.' (SF in the News)

Robot Situation Neurosis by Philip K. Dick

Robot's go mad under the wrong circumstances. From the 1957 story The Unreconstructed M (new Technovelgy item)

Police Detection Robot by Philip K. Dick

An automated evidence-gathering robot. From the 1957 story The Unreconstructed M (new Technovelgy item)

The Machine (M) by Philip K. Dick

An autonomous robot able to alter its appearance and functionality at will. From the 1957 story The Unreconstructed M (new Technovelgy item)

Laser Finger by Jack C. Haldeman

Special powered suit add-on makes you even quicker on the draw. From the 1974 story The Forever War (new Technovelgy item)

Fluid Metal Letters by Philip K. Dick

A smooth metal display able to display words. From the 1960 story Vulcan's Hammer (new Technovelgy item)

Energy Curtain Key by Nat Schachner (w. AL Zagat)

A small handheld "key" to shut off a force field. From the 1931 story Venus Mines, Incorporated (new Technovelgy item)

Curtain (Force Barrier) by Nat Schachner (w. AL Zagat)

An easily set-up protective force barrier. From the 1931 story Venus Mines, Incorporated (new Technovelgy item)

Propulsion Gun by Nat Schachner (w. AL Zagat)

What can you push against in space? From the 1931 story Venus Mines, Incorporated (new Technovelgy item)