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Fast Lightweight Autonomy Indoor Drones For DARPA

'the Scarab buzzed into the great workroom... and sought the security of a shadowed corner.'- Raymond Z. Gallun, 1936. (SF in the News)

Ninebot One Self-Balancing Wheel

'It had been a long time since the Chief Engineer had ridden one of these silly-looking little vehicles...'- Robert Heinlein, 1941 (SF in the News)

FuturICT Knowledge Accelerator And Psychohistory

'The reactions of human conglomerates to fixed social and economic stimuli...' (SF in the News)

Stellar Navigation Based On Network Analysis

'We are a traveling people. We need a travel station here.'- Clifford Simak, 1963. (SF in the News)

New 'Smart-Skin' Senses Pressure, Humidity, Heat

'You can even sense with your fingertips...'- Martin Caidin, 1972. (SF in the News)

Mimo Baby Monitor

'In every diaper there is a fine copper wire.'- David H. Keller, 1928. (SF in the News)

RocketSkates Motorized Skates

'In reality they were Tele-motor-coasters.'- Hugo Gernsback, 1911. (SF in the News)

Colloidal Quantum Dots Make Spray-On Solar Cells Possible

'Black Power... you spray it on.'- Larry Niven, 1995 (SF in the News)

Flying Robot Waiters From Infinium Robotics

'It was a smooth ovoid floating a few inches from the floor...'- H. Beam Piper, 1962. (SF in the News)

Law Firms To Undergo 'Structural Collapse' Due Artificially Intelligent Systems

'I want my lawyer program.'- David Brin, 1990. (SF in the News)

Eel Robots Ideal For Naval Warfare

Because anguilliform swimming is more efficient, and stealthier, than thunniform swimming. But you already knew that. (SF in the News)

MULTI First Cable-Free Elevator Like Turbolift

I guess I'd need to know that this is better than the idea that Mr. Otis had. Maybe we could test it with a horse? (SF in the News)

Secrets Of Charismatic Speakers Revealed

'The tone, the timbre excellent - imperative, very sharp.'- Frank Herbert, 1965. (SF in the News)

3D Printing Of LED Display Contact Lenses

'Sharon flinched as the whites of Bishop's eyes turned dark blue.'- Niven and Barnes, 1992. (SF in the News)

Race Into The Future With Bionic Boots

'The tremendous loping strides afforded by such devices... '- Neal Stephenson, 1995. (SF in the News)

Oak Ridge To Pay For The (Giant, Superfast 3D) Printer

'Can your Biltong print for more than a hundred people?'- Philip K. Dick, 1956. (SF in the News)

Linux Robot Masters Automatic Charging

'Then it appeared to make up its mind, and trundled over to a wall socket...'- Stephen Barr, 1960. (SF in the News)

PR2 Robot Dominates In Laundry Room

Where are the robots who will pick up discarded clothes? (SF in the News)

Do You Want A Tablet Computer? Or, Fad Over?

'He would plug his foolscap-sized Newspad into the ship's information circuit'- Arthur C. Clarke, 1968. (SF in the News)

First Person Video Flying Parrot Bebop Drone Video

'Over a radius of several miles Sonya's raytron apparatus could direct its flight...'- Ray Cummings, 1928. (SF in the News)

Donnersprache by Dean Ing

A hypnotic transceiver that enhances the charisma of speakers. From the 1991 story Silent Thunder (new Technovelgy item)

Voice by Frank Herbert

Combines exceptional insight into personalty with voice modulation to achieve control over individuals. From the 1965 story Dune (new Technovelgy item)

Free Robot by Daniel Keyes

A robot without a master. From the 1952 story Robot Unwanted (new Technovelgy item)

Heritable Memories Bloodline by Barbara Hambly

Using magical means to tie specific memories to the bloodlines of selected families. From the 1982 story The Time of the Dark (new Technovelgy item)

Car Dashboard Drone Controller by Michael Crichton

A screen and controls for using a remote drone. From the 1985 story Runaway (new Technovelgy item)

Parent Drone by Daniel Suarez

A drone platform that launches smaller drones. From the 2012 story Kill Decision (new Technovelgy item)

Fido by Philip Jose Farmer

Combination television, news camera and surveillance device. From the 1967 story Riders of the Purple Wage (new Technovelgy item)

Puff (Puff Balls) by Greg Bear

Material that is used to help Skyrines dropped to the surface of Mars get rid of some of that excess velocity. From the 2014 story War Dogs (new Technovelgy item)